Salutations!She/They pronounsI go by Rachel or Marsa, I'm a hobbyist artist who enjoys drawing animals and anthropomorphic art. I also make fursuits in my free time. DM me on telegram or twitter for commission inquiries.

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Commissions are currently: Rarely Open

✦ Twitch / Discord Emote ✦
$12 Each

✦ Half Body Stickers ✦

✦Regular Commissions✦


Terms of Service
By purchasing a commission or a YCH you accept that you have read my Terms of Service and agree with them.
- I reserve the right to refuse a commission and or cancel during the commission process for any reason.
-Feel free to upload the commission to your gallery, use it as an avatar, print posters for personal use, Twitch emotes, etc.
- I can use all commissions (and WIPs) for Patreon and other platforms.
- I can't use your commission as a base for any other commissions (does not apply to YCHes)
- You do NOT have permission to use my artwork, or anything you commission from me, as an NFT. Through reproduction or otherwise. It is strictly against my TOS.
- You are not allowed to:
Change, modify or trace my works without permission.
Reproduce the copyrighted work commercially
Take credit for the artwork
- How to contact me for the commissions: Send me a message on any of the previous listed platforms with your commission idea and PayPal e-mail.
- I only work with PayPal through invoices
- USD only
-All commissions have a max 6 month wait time. after 6 months if i have not started your commission you may ASK for a full refund. If i have started you may ASK for a partial refund, more info in the refund section below.
- After we have agreed upon a commission request and I have received payment, I will:
1.) Draw a sketch and send it to you to discuss whether any changes are needed. I will be happy to alter the sketch until you are satisfied with it, but past the sketching stage I will be less willing to make big changes. If you continually require large changes past the sketch phase, I may ask for additional payment to cover the time spent on these changes.
2.) At the lining stage only small changes can be made to the piece that where not noticed in the sketch
3.) Flat coloring will be delivered for corrections
4.) Finished piece will be delivered, At this point only very minor details can be changed and must be easily to paint over the finished piece.
Payment plans available for +200$
- I will not start working on a commission/YCH before receiving full payment.
- I wont change the artwork after completion. (Minor changes are acceptable.)
- If you need specific image size (for example, for a print) please tell me.
- I don't send .psd (or other formats with layer information) files of your commission. I can send a version of the artwork with the transparent background if you need it.
✧ Updates can be requested at any point during the commission process
- Finished commissions can not be refunded
- Partially complete commissions can be refunded for the work not yet completed.
If you received the WIP sketch and wish to cancel afterwards I will refund only 70% of the value minus PayPal fees.
- If you received line art with flat colours and wish to cancel then I will refund only 35% of the value minus PayPal fees.
If the commission is incomplete I have the right to list as a YCH.
If you do a PayPal refund for any reason during the commission process you'll be blocked and blacklisted. Along with this all rights to the artwork will be revoked.
I am very easy to contact and will most always offer a partial refund for unfinished work in the case of emergency or in the case of dislike for the direction the piece is going.
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✧Anthro SFW & NSFW
✧Human SFW & NSFW
✧Feral Animals SFW ONLY
✧ Mild Gore
✧ Diaper
✧ Kinks If not listed below feel free to ask
✧Hateful / Racist / Sexist / Homophobic themes
✧ Loli/Shota/Cub/Any depiction or implication of minors in a sexual context
✧ Scat / Vomit (Diapers okay)
✧ Non-con / Rape
✧ Snuff / Excessive Gore (Candy Gore, Bloody knifes, and edgy themes are okay just nothing crazy)
✧ Any other Kink that may lie outside of my comfort zone
✧ Beastiality
✧ Feral NSFW
✧ Feral Pokémon NSFW (If you have a Pokémon biased sona its okay to ask as long as its not feral)I only draw NSFW of characters that are 18 y.o. or older